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Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a systematic preventative approach to food safety. It addresses physical, chemical and biological hazards through means of prevention rather than through the inspection of finished products. HACCP is used in the food industry to identify potential food safety hazards so that key actions can be taken to reduce or eliminate risk. The system is used at all stages of food production and preparation processes including packaging and distribution. While the use of HACCP is currently voluntary in food industries in Singapore, Crystal Jade took the initiative to ensure that standards of food safety and hygiene are met for the well-being of our diners. Currently, Crystal Jade has 10 outlets that have been accorded the HACCP certification – Crystal Jade Shanghai Restaurant, Crystal Jade Restaurant, Crystal Jade Golden Palace, Crystal Jade Dining IN, Crystal Jade Dining Place, Crystal Jade Kitchen at Suntec, Great World City and Bishan as well as Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao at Bugis and Great World City. 

Reverse Osmosis
Reverse Osmosis is a filtration method that removes many types of large molecules and ions from solutions by applying pressure to the solution when it is on one side of a selective membrane. The result is that the solute is retained on the pressurised side of the membrane while the pure solvent is allowed to pass through to the other side. Commonly known for its use in drinking water purification, this process is adopted to achieve the perfect exclusion of particles in the water used in developing countries where Crystal Jade has established a presence, such as Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. 

Premium Ingredients
Crystal Jade uses genuine, premium ingredients sourced from trusted vendors around the world. This ensures a commitment to the highest quality, freshness and unforgettable taste in all our dishes.

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