About Us

Corporate Social Responsibility

Since 2009, Crystal Jade has worked closely with a number of charitable organisations to make a difference to our communities:

World Vision International

  1. Love Loaf Campaign – Raised funds using bread loaf-shaped coin banks to help children in need.
  2. Livestock Campaign “Bo Kluea Area (Thailand) Development Programme” – Raised funds during Chinese New Year.
  3. 30-Hour Famine Campaign – Contributed food for volunteers before and after breaking fast.
  4. Watoto Children’s Choir (South Africa) —Supported by purchasing tickets as well as organising a day-long children’s programme.
  5. World Vision “Bo Kluea Area (Thailand) Development Programme” – Embarked on a 5-day community work trip with the Chairman and 14 other staff.
  6. Japan Disaster – raised SGD 22,000.00 with donation tins placed at all outlets.
  7. Crystal Jade Culinary Carnival – donated $100,000 to World Vision. 80% of it goes to the World Vision’s One Life Fund which is an educational bursary scheme that supports youth in Singapore who are living with HIV/AIDS or whose parents are afflicted with the disease.
  8. World Vision “Tree of Life” – Sponsoring Crystal Jade food vouchers for World Vision to give away to donors. Crystal Jade My Bread vouchers will also be given to volunteers as a token of appreciation.

Ren Ci Hospital & Medicare Centre

  1. Mid-Autumn Festival – Visited patients and distributed complimentary mooncakes and fruits.

KK Hospital Health Endowment Fund

  1. Fund Donation – Raised funds via donation tins at Crystal Jade My Bread outlets.
  2. Christmas –  Visited child patients and distributed presents.
  3. 2012 Charity Calendar – Donating all sales proceeds of 1,500 pieces of calendar.

Crystal Jade will continue to commit ourselves to community projects for the future. It is a reaffirmation of our belief to give back to the community what we have been graciously given.