About Us

Vision, Mission, Values

Our Vision
Our Vision is to preserve the precious things in life. Through food, we strive to harmoniously connect people (present) with the past (culture) in order to secure the future (environment).

Our Mission
Our Mission is to inspire people to live life to the fullest and forge closer cultural and family bonds through the modern culinary enjoyment of traditional Chinese recipes and dishes.

Our Values
Preserving culture through food
Food is very much a way of life in Chinese culture. In fact, food is such a communal affair for most Chinese people that the greeting when meeting one another tends not to be “how are you?”, but “have you eaten?”. Even in this day and age of changing lifestyles and attitudes, this greeting holds true. For this reason, Crystal Jade constantly strives to reconnect people to the culture of Chinese food through preserving traditional recipes and dishes.

Due to the rich history of Chinese food, Crystal Jade is mindful to stay true to Chinese culinary roots. At the same time, to respect the attention to detail that is required in preparing and cooking dishes.

In keeping with the times, Crystal Jade strives to delight customers with modern reinterpretations of age-old Chinese recipes and dishes.

Crystal Jade aspires to help, educate and inspire people around Asia to appreciate and savour all facets of Chinese food and culture.